How Does It Work?

High Peaks Solar is building a solar farm and is looking for customers to purchase solar electricity.

There are ways to opt into the project that require no money up front, or ways to opt in that require a prepayment. 

The way it works is a member who would like to purchase electricity from the solar farm will enter into a contract with High Peak Solar to buy a certain size system. That system’s annual production will vary slightly, but should be about the same every year. Each month, the utility company will read the meter at the site and credit all of the members electric bills with energy credits.

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A community solar farm makes going solar possible for people who want to support clean, renewable energy – but who don’t have the option to install a solar electric system on their property.

Solar energy is produced and converted to electricity on-site at our solar farm. This electricity becomes net metering credits, which are then applied to your monthly utility bill.

Think of our community solar farm as having a “virtual” solar electric system installed: reap all the benefits without the hassle of owning and maintaining any physical solar panels on your property.

Anyone who is located in NYISO Load Zone E and has National Grid as their electricity provider can participate.Our community solar farm is ideal for: homeowners, renters, and virtually any business or real estate owners.

Step 1: Contact us at (518) 238-3931 or visit  to get started today.

Step 2: Send us your bill  All we need from you is a copy of a recent National Grid utility bill. You can either email or text us a clear picture of your bill. We will analyze your annual energy usage and quote you on your monthly purchase price of clean, locally produced energy.

Step 3: Sign up Choosing to pay less and go green is easy with High Peaks Solar’s community solar farm!

Every month, you will pay High Peaks Solar the same set amount, based on our low rate of $0.102 per kilowatt hour. This rate is locked in and will not change for the duration of your contract term.

Every customer will have a different monthly amount based on how much energy they use in a year. Call us today for a custom quote at (518) 238-3931!

As a member of High Peaks’ solar farm, credits to your bill will offset both supply and delivery portions of your bill. You will receive these credits through National Grid’s billing, appearing as a negative balance or credit applied to your total usage. Often, the only charge remaining on your monthly bill will be a $17 basic service charge from National Grid.

As long as you provide us with 60 days notice of cancellation, there are no cancellation fees.

High Peaks Solar guarantees that you will receive at least 90% of your quoted annual kilowatt hour credits. Should monthly production fall short of this amount, High Peaks Solar will reimburse you for 100% of the missing kilowatt hour total at the contracted rate.

You will be billed the same amount monthly, recurring every month, on the 1st of each month.

High Peaks Solar offers ACH electronic funds withdrawal, at no additional charge. Since your monthly bill will be the same each month, you may choose to take advantage of this benefit in order to better track and budget your payments. Having funds automatically deducted from a bank or credit card account of your choice is secure, easy and predictable.

Should you receive more kilowatt hour credits during a given month – either by using less electricity than budgeted for, or if the solar farm produces more power than expected – you will bank those credits to offset future months’ usage.

Credits to your bill will vary month to month, depending on the sunshine. This means that you will be getting much larger numbers of kilowatt hours in the summer, and less in the fall and winter. Banked hours from sunny months will be applied to your fall and winter bills as needed.

If you end up using more energy in a given month, National Grid will bill you the difference between your solar farm kilowatt hour credits and your actual usage, at National Grid’s normal retail rate. This happens most often during winter months after banked credits have been used up.

Even if you move, your contract is transferrable within the same utility and load zone.
After you inform us of your move details, High Peaks Solar will contact the utility company to modify your percent allotment. Please note that the process takes 60 days for new crediting to begin.

Yes! Your $110 down payment to reserve a spot on our solar farm is applied as a credit to your first bill or bills.

We estimate the solar farm to begin producing power by late 2018. We will keep members updated by issuing major project milestone emails as they happen.

Yes, annually. The statement will show the total solar farm production and how many kilowatt hours your electric bill was credited. It will also show how many dollars you paid to High Peaks Solar for the year.

Site In Spotlight

Located at 4834 Rome Taberg Road, Rome, N.Y. 13440, this site is on the property of a lumber yard.  Homeowners Ernest and Doris Portner felt that their site would be great for a solar farm, having a large, flat field already there.  They reached out to High Peaks Solar and both parties agreed to develop a solar farm there.  This site is situated off of the road and is not visible from the surrounding area.  With some other trees needing removal, High Peaks Solar can clear the solar access and wood can be milled right on site!

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Offering Solar Farm Memberships for National Grid Customers in the Capital District of New York.

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