How Does It Work?

High Peaks Solar is building a solar farm and is looking for customers to purchase solar electricity.

There are ways to opt into the project that require no money up front, or ways to opt in that require a prepayment. 

The way it works is a member who would like to purchase electricity from the solar farm will enter into a contract with High Peak Solar to buy a certain size system. That system’s annual production will vary slightly, but should be about the same every year. Each month, the utility company will read the meter at the site and credit all of the members electric bills with energy credits.

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High Peaks Solar is building a solar farm and is looking for customers to purchase the electricity.  Each person that signs up to buy solar electricity will be given an annual set allotment of electricity produced right from the solar farm.

It depends, truthfully.  One factor that affects cost is how much electricity you consume.  High Peaks Solar has different options that should allow everyone to participate!

Your electric bill will be given a credit by National Grid.  Your volume of credits is determined by your stake in the solar farm.

Any customer that is located within the NYSIO Load Zone E  and has National Grid as their electricity provider can receive
electricity from this solar farm?

If that happens, National Grid will bill you at their retail rate for the difference in usage.

If that happens, High Peaks Solar will offer to buy that unused power.  That way, the customer has not purchased more electricity than they need.

Perhaps.  This solar farm has a limited capacity.  There are only so many solar panels that we plan to install.  If openings arise, we can modify contracts at a later time.

The energy credits can be transferred to your new property if you move within the same NYISO Load Zone F and continue to have National Grid as your electric provider.

Site In Spotlight

Located at 4834 Rome Taberg Road, Rome, N.Y. 13440, this site is on the property of a lumber yard.  Homeowners Ernest and Doris Portner felt that their site would be great for a solar farm, having a large, flat field already there.  They reached out to High Peaks Solar and both parties agreed to develop a solar farm there.  This site is situated off of the road and is not visible from the surrounding area.  With some other trees needing removal, High Peaks Solar can clear the solar access and wood can be milled right on site!
Informational sessions regarding how you can participate in the solar farm will be announced soon.  We hope to see you there!

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Offering Solar Farm Memberships for National Grid Customers in the Capital District of New York.

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